Relationship anywhere between perceived actual literacy and you may physical working out levels among Hong Kong teenagers

Relationship anywhere between perceived actual literacy and you may physical working out levels among Hong Kong teenagers

This study explores wing the relationship between the perceived physical literacy (PL) and physical activity (PA) levels of Hong Kong adolescents by using a cross-sectional study design. A total of 1,945 adolescents aged between 12 and 18, (1,028 men and 917 women) with a mean age of (±1.65 years), took part in this study. A Perceived Physical Literacy Instrument (PPLI) and an International Physical Activity Questionnaire for Adolescents (IPAQ-A) were distributed to the participants within the first 15 minutes of PE lessons at their schools. The correlation between perceived PL and PA levels was reasonable but significant (r = 0.227, p < 0.01), as was the correlation between the attributes of PL and PA intensity and the domains of PA (r = 0.067–0.292, p < 0.01). A significant linear equation was computed (F (3, 1941) = , p < 0.01), with an R 2 of 0.052. The metabolic equivalent (MET) minutes representing participants' predicted PA levels were –5490 + 366.1 (sense of self and self-confidence) + (self-expression and communication with others) + (knowledge and understanding). Looking at individual factors, the correlation between perceived PL and PA levels showed no significant difference across gender (r male = 0.234; r female = 0.198) but showed a significant difference across grade level (r junior = 0.302; r older = 0.197), school bands (r ring 1 = 0.31; r ring dos = 0.263; r band step 3 = 0.191) and socio-economic status (SES) (rlow = 0.225; rtypical = 0.35; rhighest = 0.191). The relationship between perceived PL and PA levels was significantly low but was closely related to the recreational PA, including individual factors such as gender, grade levels, school band and SES. Future studies could focus on school-based PA intervention programmes for perceived PL and the relationship between perceived PL and objective PA levels.

Citation: Choi SM, Share RKW, Leung EFL, Ng RSK (2018) Dating ranging from imagined bodily literacy and physical working out membership among Hong Kong kids. PLoS One 13(8): e0203105.

Relationships anywhere between understood bodily literacy and you will physical working out profile among Hong Kong adolescents

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Funding: This research was financed by lead give having research (Give Matter: 4058033) of Chinese College out of Hong-kong ( The new funder didn’t come with part into the investigation build, study range and you may investigation, decision to share, otherwise thinking of your own manuscript.


Physical literacy (PL) is defined as ‘the fresh new motivation, confidence, physical ability, knowledge, and understanding so you can worth or take duty to own stepping into physical items for life’ . Specifically, just one will be able to show the fresh new telecommunications between the bodily nature of movement that with the skills and training in almost every other environments [2–4]. Basically, a face-to-face literate personal is actually an empowered, skilful and sure individual that usually take part in physical exercise (PA) throughout his/the lady existence. The country Wellness Organization represent PA just like the ‘one physical direction developed by skeletal looks that really needs energy expenditure’ . The benefits of getting into a physically productive lives is linked with public health needs including managing pounds, reducing chronic disorder (e.g., cardiovascular disease, form of II diabetic issues, cancer), and you can building bones and you may human anatomy [4–6]. PA advice advise that adolescents take part in reasonable to help you vigorous actual interest (MVPA) for at least 60 minutes each and every day [5, 6].

Some West places currently offer PL owing to PA in their universities, teams and you will public health companies . The new Australian government have allocated A good$2 hundred mil so you’re able to development and you will using PL-based PA courses . Inside Hong-kong, the thought of PL has been promoted to Physical Degree (PE) educators because of Persisted Professional Advancement (CPD) held of the Studies Bureau (2015). Although not, colleges are only expected to allocate 5–8% from complete tutorial go out (70–80 times weekly) in order to PE instructions , and therefore drops in short supply of the product quality in other countries, where they averages a hundred times per week . While the time of PE training does not mirror adolescents’ total PA accounts, present local research has learned that 57.7% and you can 18.3% away from Hong-kong kids are really dead and you can inactive , respectively, and this adversely influences their health . The players on these education advertised one a lack of free time, tiredness and you can laziness were part of the aspects of maybe not attempting PA. To market the many benefits of achieving the around the globe PA testimonial, the principles out-of Top-notch Bodily Knowledge (QPE) declare that PL is the foundation of PE, plus the development of PL is a must to possess teenagers into the promising teenagers to participate lifelong PA .

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